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Youth Making Change

Youth Making Change (YMC) is a teen-led grant-making program providing
young people with the opportunity to engage directly in organized philanthropy (giving grants). Each YMC Board (one meets in Santa Maria and one meets in Santa Barbara) gives out $15,000 in grants to projects led by youth that impact young people in

Santa Barbara County. YMC board members are teens ages 13-19. They create and conduct an entire grant cycle from start to finish and then share what they have learned as grant-makers and philanthropists with their communities. Each YMC board is led by two Youth Facilitators who are previous YMC board members. Facilitators assist the board in meeting its objectives; as well as provide an experienced youth perspective on the grant-making process. Since 2008, YMC has awarded $187,500 to 104 youth-led groups throughout Santa Barbara County. Youth Making Change is a program of the Fund for Santa Barbara, inspired by the Santa Barbara Foundation's Katherine Harvey Fellows Class of 2006-2007.


YMC Grants for Youth-led Groups

$30,000 Available for Youth-Led Projects

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Basic Guidelines from 2016/2017:

  • All aspects of the project must be led by youth ages 12 to 25.
  • The project must provide a benefit to teens in the community in addition to members of the applicant group.
  • The project must attempt to fix a problem affecting youth by providing a solution.
  • The project must be located in Santa Barbara County.
  • Youth-led applicant groups must have a sponsoring organization such as a school or community-based organization.

For a list of past YMC Grant recipients click here!

Grants are disbursed in February and must be used by July 31st.

Join the YMC Board

The YMC Board application process for the 2016 - 2017 year is now closed. Applications for the 2017 - 2018 board will be available in April 2017. Please check back then!



$30,000 Disponible para Proyectos Dirigidios por Jovenes

Solicitud disponible en Agosto

Requisitos Básicos de 2016/2017:

  • Todos los aspectos del proyecto deben ser dirigidos por jóvenes de 12 a 25.
  • El proyecto debe proporcionar un beneficio a los adolescentes en la comunidad, además de los miembros del grupo solicitante.
  • El proyecto debe tratar de solucionar un problema que afecta a la juventud, proporcionando una solución.
  • El proyecto debe estar ubicado en el condado de Santa Bárbara.
  • Grupos solicitantes dirigidas por los jóvenes deben tener una organización patrocinadora, como una escuela o una organización comunitaria.

Sobre Jovenes Haciendo Cambio

Youth Making Change (Jovenes Haciendo Cambio) o YMC, es un programa dirigido por adolescentes que otorga becas. Empezó en el 2008 para darle la oportunidad a adolescentes que participen directamente en la filantropía organizada (dar becas). Cada Mesa de YMC (uno se reune en Santa María y otro se reune en Santa Bárbara), reparte $15,000 dólares en becas para proyectos dirigidos por jóvenes que impactan a los jóvenes en el Condado de Santa Bárbara. Miembros de YMC son adolescentes de 13-19 años de edad. Crean y llevan a cabo un ciclo de otorgación becas y luego comparten lo que han aprendido como filántropos en sus comunidades. Cada Mesa de YMC es dirigida por dos jóvenes facilitadores que son miembros anteriores de YMC. Los facilitadores ayudan a que cumplan sus objetivos, así como dar una perspectiva jóvenes con experiencia en el proceso de dar becas. Desde el año 2008, YMC ha otorgado $187,500 a 104 grupos dirigidos por jóvenes en todo el Condado de Santa Bárbara. YMC es un programa del Fund for Santa Bárbara, inspirado por la clase 2006-2007 de Katherine Harvey Fellows de la fundación, Santa Barbara Foundation.


Youth Making Change Testimonials

YMC Member: “I enjoyed finding out some of the needs in the community and seeing the programs people have started to deal with them”

Parent: “I watched my daughter gain more self-esteem and become more assertive. She knows her voice is important and now takes steps to make sure she is heard”

Community Member: “The thing I love about this program: it makes it clear that our youth are NOT the future leaders of the world. Rather they are the leaders NOW. YMC allows youth the opportunity to lead, to get other youth involved in learning about and applying for grants, and allows our youth-led community development programs additional funding to better impact our youth.”


Grant Report Form

A final report is required July 31st or when the funds have been spent whichever comes first.  These reports include a financial statement detailing expenses and a narrative of the project’s impact, effectiveness, problems, and plans to continue.

For a MS Word version of the YMC Grant Report Form click here.


For more information contact Cristina Gonzalez, Regional Program Manager, at the Fund for Santa Barbara at 805-922-1707 or