The Fund for Santa Barbara

Geoff Slaff


Geoff Slaff has lived in Santa Barbara with his wife Dale and his three children since 2001. Originally from Los Angeles, Geoff went to university at UC San Diego and then onto the University of Pennsylvania where he received his PhD in Chemical Engineering. After school Geoff and Dale lived for a couple of years in New Jersey before moving to Boulder, Colorado. In Boulder they enjoyed all that the Rockies had to offer, hiking  and skiing depending on the season. With three young children in tow Geoff and Dale then moved to Switzerland. Living 30 kilometers to the east of Geneva in a french speaking village of 2000 people that was founded in the year 1001 was a wonderful experience. Yes, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The memory of looking at the French alps rising above Lake Geneva is still etched in the family's memory. The view of Santa Cruz Island on a beautiful sunny day is almost as inspiring.  Geoff and Dale have a son who is going to the University of Colorado and two daughters, one at the University of Pennsylvania and the other at SB High School. Geoff is a Senior Vice President at Amgen in Thousand Oaks where he has worked for over 12 years. Geoff has been an active  supporter of the progressive movement for many years. Prior to joining the Fund for SB Board he served on the board of the Environmental Defense Center and was an Obama precinct captain in 2008. Geoff is committed to the Fund's mission of making significant change in our community.


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